Powerfully Efficient Ford F350 Diesel Truck

The Ford F350 is offered with the Power Stroke turbo diesel engine. The only thing that might be better than all the power that comes with the F350 diesel truck is F350 diesel MPG. The fuel economy is much better than conventional gasoline engines. Ford produces the F350 as part of the Super Duty series with the F350 at the top of the class. The F350 full size truck can handle a payload of one ton and can tow well over 12,000 lbs.

Innovation and versatility

The Ford F350 one ton truck has many innovative features. The 4X4 version of the F350 features shift on the fly four wheel drive but takes it a step further. The front hubs can also be manually engaged ensuring you will never get stuck in the mud. The F350 diesel truck comes in several different packages and trim levels. The F350 comes as a standard cab, extended cab or crew cab truck with the latter featuring 4 full sizes doors. The extended cab and the crew cab both have the capability of seating 6 adults comfortably. The F350 is also available with a dual wheel rear axel making it an ideal power plant for towing. All package levels are offered with either 2 wheel, rear wheel drive or four wheel drive options. Trim levels range from XT to XLT to Ford's premium Limited trim package. The Limited package includes leather seating, heated mirrors, memory seats and much more making the F350 the "cadillac of trucks".

Ford F350 Diesel Resale Value

Ford trucks have always held their value for a long time. An added benefit to owning a Ford F350 with a diesel engine is that you will recoup a lot more of your initial investment when you list your Ford F350 diesel for sale. Ford trucks with the available diesel engine will last for years and will easily pass into the 100,000 mile realm and right through to the 200,000 mile range. It is not uncommon to see F350's with over 300,000 miles on them. With that level of durability the F350 will have years of use for subsequent owners.

Used Ford F350 Diesel 4×4 Trucks For Sale

Ford : F-250 lariat 2012 Ford F250 Custom 6 door truck 4x4 diesel 12 six dr F350 F450 F550 seats 8 Ford : F-250 lariat 2012 Ford F250 Custom 6 door truck 4x4 diesel 12 six dr F350 F450 F550 seats 8 Paypal US $72,500.00 11d 7h 29m
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