Some Auto Experts Say Used Ford 4X4 Trucks are the Godfathers of All Trucks

Henry Ford was no dummy. He knew that manufacturing automobiles was just one part of the emerging auto industry so he did a little research and produced his third road masterpiece in 1900. We now call it a truck. By 1917 the Model T one ton truck chassis was in service for trucks, and in 1925 the first factory assembled pickup made its debut in the US market for $281. That adjustable tailgate beauty opened the door for the Model A of 1928 and the 1932 Model B.

Ford introduced its F-series after the war in 1948. The F-series included the F-1, ½ ton model to the F-8, 3 ton model. In 1953 the F-100 pickup was introduced ,and in 1959 the F-250 4X4 became the darling of the truck industry. The Ranger model came along in 1965, and Ford introduced the first 4-door F-250 that same year. The 4-door F-250 was popular in showrooms across the country.

1974 was the year of the F-series SuperCab, which changed the dynamics of truck passenger comfort. In 1975 the F-150 was introduced and it immediately became a 4X4 truck classic. In 1980 the F-150 was totally redesigned with more room and advanced comfort features, and in 1981 an all new Ranger model became the talk of the pickup truck market. The Ranger hit the road with thundering consumer approval, and it continues to rock the truck world in terms of 2 wheel and 4X4 truck sales.

The Ranger 4X4 Became Truck of the Year in 1986

Petersen’s Off Road and 4-Wheeler Magazine named the 4X4 Ranger the 4X4 of the year in 1986 so Ford decided to add a 4X4 Super Cab model to the F-150 series in 1988. The Ford F-series became the best selling vehicle in the world in 1995.

Ford’s used 4X4 trucks have a history of outstanding performance, uncompromising reliability, and undaunting power. Those features along with timeless designs, interior comfort, and low maintenance costs make Ford trucks excellent road mates as well as savvy investments.


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Used Ford 4X4 Trucks For Sale

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