Dodge is a stellar name when it comes to vehicles and one of the most common and popular ones when you think about trucks. Yes, their Dodge Dually 4x4 Trucks have been gaining in popularity and if you’re looking for a 4 wheel truck yourself then Dodge is the company to see. With today’s economy, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind when thinking about buying a truck and those include the fuel economy, the capacity to tow, the price range and what your budget can afford and of course durability and reliability. So with Dodge, you can’t go wrong. They have the trucks; you just need to make your decision.

Classy Body Styles and Trims

Among the Dodge Dually 4x4 Trucks, is the Dodge ram 3500 which is a heavy duty pickup truck that can be found in a variety of different body kits, as well as trim designs. The body styles include a Quad cab, a regular cab and a Mega cab to choose from and the configurations for the trim include the very luxurious Laramie, volume selling SXT for the Mega cab and otherwise known as SLT and the basic ST for regular configurations. The Dodge ram 3500 in Mega cab can be found with a short bed of 76 inches and currently they can only be available in a short bed.

Breaking Traditions

The regular one comes equipped with the long bed of around 98 inches and does not have the short bed option when you want to buy one. The advantage of the Quad cab in this case is that you can get this Dodge Dually 4x4 Truck with either one of those options; the short bed or the long bed. Another great aspect about the Quad cab is the fact that it breaks away from the old and long gone past traditions of the designed models from previous generations. The Quad cab now features full forward hinged back doors.

Dodge Features

The Dodge Ram 3500 with the short bed from the Quad cab body style is the only Dodge model available in the markets of today that come equipped with a single axle in the back. Most other trucks have a double wheel back axle and that makes the Dodge ram 3500 different and unique than the other models. The Dodge Ram 3500 also comes with a 6.7 liter engine of turbo diesel along with a 6 speed auto as well as a manual transmission. The Dodge Ram 3500 has been rated with an hp of around 350. With such a powerful engine, the Dodge Dually 4X4 Truck is something of a force to be reckoned with.

Test Drive Your Dodge

Before making a final decision, a good idea always would be to take the Dodge Dually 4X4 Truck,  for a test drive. Get comfortable with the transmission, the power and hum of the engine and make sure it is comfortable and what you’re looking for. Dodge also has a wide range of other trucks to choose from, however, the Dodge Ram 3500 is one of the best models since it has much to offer.

Used Dodge Dually 4X4 Trucks For Sale

Ram : 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 6.7L Cummins 4X4 DUALLY New 2014 RAM 3500 4x4 Longhorn Sunroof CD Player Backup Cam DRW Dodge Uconnect Ram : 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 6.7L Cummins 4X4 DUALLY New 2014 RAM 3500 4x4 Longhorn Sunroof CD Player Backup Cam DRW Dodge Uconnect Paypal US $55,652.00 1d 11h 12m
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