Dodge Cummins - The Truck to Have!

Trucks are by far one of the greatest creations man has ever come up with. When you look at a moving metallic body, you tend to be astounded. One tends to wonder, how does this phenomenon occur? Trucks just prove that if man puts his mind towards achieving something, there is nothing that he cannot achieve. Divine intervention may be the only obstacle.

Trucks are usually categorized into various sectors. There can be SUVs, saloons, trucks and so on. One of the greatest trucks to be made by American hands is the Dodge Cummins 4X4. For you to understand why I say that this truck is great, you have to have a brief history about it. This truck evolved from the Dodge Ram. In 1981, new dodge models were introduced. Dodge kept the previous generation models which had “D” indicating two-wheel-drive and “W” indicating four-wheel-drive. Like Ford, Dodge used 150 to indicate a half ton truck, 250 for three quarter and 350 for one tons. Externally, the first-generation Rams were face lifted versions of the previous generation Dodge D-Series pickups introduced in 1972.

A few years later, a Cummins B Series engine was added to the engine line up and this resulted in sales sky rocketing. The Cummins had the possibility of being coupled with a heavier duty version of the A727automatic. It was available on the 250 and 350 pickups and chassis cabs. The Cummins features injections and this means that it does not have to rely on glow plugs. This is quite a feature as you can save a little money. Other features that belong to the Dodge Cummins 4X4 truck are; it is turbo charged and has a straight six engine. This guarantees speed which is not normally seen in trucks and also efficient use of fuel. Furthermore, since it is a straight six engine, it keeps the maintenance costs low and gives the engine a long life. Another exciting feature is that the brake converts horsepower to braking power. This means that the life of its brakes is extended. The Cummins has a towing capacity of 13450Ibs.

Everything that exists has a good and bad side and these are called the pros and cons. The features of this Truck are obviously the pros. It does not have as many cons because the only one I know of is that it is expensive. Even if it is expensive, there is a guarantee that it will last as the engine’s features guarantee its durability.

What I like about this truck is that it is economical. Because of its injection features, fuel will be used efficiently and in the long run you will save a substantial amount of money on fuel. The reason I am saying this is because I have used this truck for long distance travel and to my amazement I did not use as much fuel as I thought. Therefore, everyone should have this Truck as it is a rarity. I cannot come across a truck as efficient as this one.

Used Dodge Cummins 4X4 For Sale

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Dodge Cummins to the rescue!!

A geo tracker attempts to go mudding and is instantly hung up. A 1994 Dodge Ram Cummins comes to the rescue and yanks it out with some serious force.

Dodge Cummins Destroys Frame - Truck Pull

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