If you are not driving this Dodge Diesel, you are not driving.

Trucks are among the most unique kind of advancement man has ever come up with. It is quite arguable but to me, there is no better creation. Trucks bring out the kind of person you are. Psychologists have actually come up with theories that can describe a person by the truck he or she drives. An example is that if you are a driver of an SUV, you may have lacked a huge figure in your life and if you are a driver of a saloon car, you like doing things fast. As I said, these theories are arguable. One of the trucks that really bring out the animal in you, the beast, the strength, is the dodge diesel 4X4 truck. The dodge diesel 4x4 trucks are trucks in their own class. There is no match to these creatures developed by man. These trucks were made to rival the beasts that travail the earth’s dust. In short, they were made to conquer the earth.

The dodge was made by the dodge brothers, John and Horace, who got their start from making parts for Ford and other makers. When they first made the dodge automobile in 1914, they concentrated on durability and quality and this earned their company a strong reputation and good sales. However, they did not build an actual truck until the First World War and as a matter of fact; it was a panel van and not a pick up that had a four cylinder engine. The Dodge brothers passed on and from 1921, the Graham brothers took over. They started selling 1.5 ton pickups through dodge dealers. This pickup had Graham bodies and Dodge parts. This proved to be a success and in 1928, Chrysler acquired the Dodge Brothers company after launching its Fargo trucks brand that competed directly with Dodge Brothers.

In 1929, dodge introduced a half ton pickup which was the last of the designs by the real Dodge Brothers. The amazing thing about these trucks was that they had four wheel hydraulic brakes. This means that they were safe and in the long run raised the standards of safety in trucks.

In 1933, they decided to launch a second series which was called Chrysler Dodges. Dodge trucks abandoned their own engines and used Chrysler cooperation engines which they borrowed from Plymouth De Soto and Chrysler. This actually increased the engine’s durability. At the onset of 1935, dodge increased its range by selling ¾ ton and one ton trucks. These were based on the 1.5 ton pickups.

Henceforth, the dodge kept improving and by 1993, they were in the “C” series which meant major power boosts.

Of course, there are two sides to a coin. If there are pros, there must be cons. Sometimes the pros outdo the cons and the antithesis is true. With the Dodge 4x4 diesel trucks, the only con is that they can be quite expensive. As I said, the pros can outdo the cons. This truck has a warranty of about five years. This means that you are guaranteed not to see a mechanic for this long unless it is your own doing.

The thing I like about this truck is that it is durable. You can save a lot of money once you get your hands on this beast. From its inception, the creators have been focusing on its durability and it is to my liking. I have used this truck for long travels and to my surprise; there were no mishaps on the road. It is truly a truck that carries the American dream.

The Dodge Diesel 4X4 trucks have key features that are very cool. They come with FM radio that has two speakers and a CD player, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, adaptive automatic transmission, audio pre-wiring, front and rear power disc brakes safety, airbags, side guard door beams anti-theft and locks, battery saver, and front power outlet.

These are just a few impressive features that make this truck seem like it is out of this world. This truck saves on a lot of energy and yet has a very high performance engine. What else do you need to be told so that you believe that if you are not driving this truck, you are not driving?

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