John and Horace Dodge Had a Dream

Few people remember how the Dodge Brothers Company started in the auto business. John and Horace started selling parts to Ford and the Olds Motor Vehicle Company back in 1900. John and Horace enjoyed a considerable amount of success working for Henry Ford, but by 1913 the relationship changed. The change lead Horace to exclaim that he didn't want to be carried around in Ford’s vest pocket anymore.

The brothers found a solution in 1914 when they designed a Dodge 4-cylinder Model 30, which was an upscale version of Henry’s Model T. Dodge used an all steel construction, a 12 volt electrical system, and a sliding gear transmission. The quality of their automobiles appealed to the car-buying crowd, and by 1916 Dodge was number 2 in auto sales in the US.

Dodge couldn’t keep up with the demand for their Model 30, but when the government asked them to build a light repair truck and ambulance in 1918 the brothers agreed, and the first ½ ton, 212 cubic inch, 35 horsepower, 4-cylinder three speed commercial car was born. Dodge built what they called the Screenside model car with double rear cargo doors from 1918 to 1928, and a panel side model was also introduced during that same time period.

The first Dodge ¾ ton pickup was built in 1924 by the Graham Brothers not the Dodge Brothers, but they did supply the parts for this wood constructed reinforced with metal strap pickup model that had cargo space of 71 inches by 44.5 inches and a height of 12.5 inches.

The Dodge 4X4 was Born in 1934

Dodge always had a way of taking an existing idea and making it better. The first Dodge 4X4 truck is a good example of how the company turned a simple idea into a cash cow. The 1934 Dodge K39x4USA, and the 1938 RF-40x-4USA were the first trucks that allowed drivers to shift into 4-wheel drive using a shifter inside the cab.

That kind of innovative thinking made Dodge 4X4 trucks the Ram type act to follow in the used truck industry. Dodge used 4X4 trucks have that Dodge Brothers innovative dream instilled in their wheel base. Their engines whine with homegrown performance.


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Used Dodge 4X4 Trucks For Sale

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