The C/K Chevy Truck Started a Silverado Craze

Chevy tried to keep it simple in the old truck days of the 1960s. They called their 2-wheel truck the “C” model and their 4-wheel drive model the “K.” In 1975, Chevy step out on a new truck limb and introduced the Silverado trim package for their C/K trucks. Sales went through the roof and a new truck model was born. The Silverado model became the new truck standard for Chevy. GMC got in on the action by introducing a clone called the Sierra.

Silverado lock-out hubs became popular in the late 1970s. That feature gave a new truck loving public a reason to buy a Chevy truck. Success became Silverado’s middle name. In 1984, it went under the truck design knife and got a complete makeover. Some Silverado lovers said it was long overdue. It had been fifteen years since Chevy made any changes in the Silverado, but that more fluid contemporary design was the catalyst that created the Silverado 2500 4X4.

The Silverado 2500 4X4 was Chevy’s answer to the Ford F-250, which was the ¾ ton pickup in their F-series lineup. Chevy wanted to go head-to-head with Ford and the Silverado was the perfect truck to take some of the air out of Ford’s high flying sales history. The Silverado 2500 4X4 did its job and the truck got within 40,000 sales units of Ford in 2004.

After 2004 the Silverado is only Offered in the HD Classification

The success of the 2500 Silverado 4x4 gave GM the ammunition it needed to classify all Chevy trucks as Silverado models. There are currently three different cab styles: The regular, the crew, and the extended cab. Each one has an array of great features that make the Silverado 2500 4X4 seem more like a car than a truck. But, all it takes is one heavy hauling load to remember that the 2500 is a workhorse with a proven track record.

Most truck owners think that the Chevy Silverado 2500 4X4 is one of the best all-around trucks on the market when all features and options are considered. First class describes the 2500 4X4. It’s built into its metal DNA.


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