1971 Chevy 4X4 Trucks

The Way Things Used to Be: Chevy's 1971 4X4

Most of us who have been around the block at least once have noticed a steady decline in the quality of virtually everything in our lives. And it's nothing short of heart-breaking to see this happen to what we consider iconic to our culture as Americans. In the auto industry, there was always a distinction that was so striking and obvious when a muscle car sat at a red light next to a wimpy BMW. Today we find this fascinating. Back then, there was nothing special about it at all.

So what does one think of after hearing a veteran mechanic mention, "they don't make 'em like the used to"? Some think of an antique Mustang or Charger, or even the 71 chevy 4X4. Inside the cab, that metallic smell was a greeting that came only from real American vehicles. It's hard to fathom what it would have been like to take something so wonderful for granted.

The second generation (1967 - 1972) was without a doubt this truck's finest hour. It was during this time that it was introduced as a full-blooded truck; not just a metal box on wheels that was used to move things around. Carpet, chrome trim and padding, added to this truck's potential, but perhaps the most significant change that really made the 2nd generation different was the decision to get rid of the first generation's leaf spring suspension and replace it with coil springs instead. This made the ride incredibly smooth and really brought out that unique feeling that all of us who have driven American perfection can relate to; that feeling of floating on a cloud while winding our way around curves and hills.

It's not surprising to note that this truck was also equipped with the infamous inline-6 engine. The inline-6 has been a favorite for decades for its power and durability. They seem as if they were built with the capability of running forever! In a truck like this one, you immediately know what's under the hood when you turn the key. If there were one single thing about this truck that I love the most, it would be the sound of its engine and the smell of exhaust.

There are several features that make the 1971 4X4 even more unique. While the series had shifted from drum brakes to disc brakes, only the 4X4 retained the original 6x6 bolt pattern on its tires. It was during this year that the "egg crate" grill was introduced and was also the first year that the factory installed AM/FM radios. It was also the last year in which the rear-view mirror was bolted to the roof (like a real mirror out to be).

This truck is my favorite by leaps and bounds. It has that 1971 personality that is hard to find and impossible to copy-cat. If everyone in America today had one, it would literally transform us back into the great Americans that we used to be.

1971 Chevy 4X4 Trucks for Sale

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