The First Generation Chevy 4X4 Truck Had a Car-Truck Like Ride

When Chevy decide to use a drop-center ladder frame on its new 10, 20, and 30, 1960 model C or K (C = 2 wheel drive, and K = 4 wheel drive) the auto industry woke up to a new breed of truck that felt like a car, but could handle the challenges of a truck. The Apache series became a household love interest for truck aficionados, and its heavy weight brothers the Viking 40, and the Spartan 70, became the muscle behind this beautiful truck madness.

The engines behind this madness were the 236 cubic inch, 150 horsepower 4.3 litre straight 6, and the 283 cubic inch, 185 horsepower 4.6 litre V8. In 1963 the 230 cubic inch, 140 horsepower 3.8 litre I6 was introduced, and a 292 cubic inch, 165 horsepower 4.8 litre I6 was optional. By 1965 the Chevy 4X4 was sporting a 327 cubic inch, 220 horsepower 5.4 litre V8 as well as an air-conditioned cab. In 1966 the powerful 250 cubic inch 155 horsepower 4.1 litre I6 carried the Chevy truck to the second generation of road warriors, which began in 1968.

The Used Chevy 4X4 Truck Has An Unquestionable Road Mystic

Chevy began to add comfort and convenience to its truck line in 1968. Chevy replaced the 283 cubic inch 4.6L V8 with a 302 cubic inch 5.0 litre, and a 396 cubic inch, 6.5 litre V8. 1968 was the 50th year of truck manufacturing for Chevy and they celebrated their birthday by adding a 50th anniversary package that included a white-gold-white paint scheme. In 1969 the engine went through another metamorphic change when the 327 cubic inch motor was enlarged to a 350 cubic inch 5.7 litre road monster.

Some of those first and second generation trucks are still servicing loyal Chevy 4X4 truck owners. Chevy builds trucks that age with a rare sense of road appeal. A forty year old beauty in good condition is worth its weight in more than gold. The life of a used Chevy 4X4 truck can be and usually is a lesson in growing old gracefully.


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Used Chevy 4X4 Trucks For Sale

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