Light duty dump trucks are manufactured by numerous auto makers but the Dodge series is perhaps the most recognized. The people at General Motors have long been designing their truck cabs to fit nicely with a lifting operation and the 3500 series based on the popular Dodge Ram is a perfect example. For those looking to purchase a one-ton or larger dump vehicle the 3500 series is probably the best bet. It is a versatile and reliable vehicle, easy to operate and can easily transport heavy loads over uncertain terrain.

Equipped With The Famous HEMI
A Dodge 3500 dump truck for sale will likely be equipped with the 5.7L HEMI engine, providing plenty of power for those needing a vehicle capable of hauling and dumping up to a ton or more of material. The cab was designed to connect easily to the dump bed and is the same model currently for sale as a medium duty pickup. Many of the flatbed models, often sold under the Dodge Ram name will also be powered by this large engine.

Perfect For Farm Use
In most states a commercial license is not required to operate a light duty Dodge dump truck. Special farm plates can be acquired that make this vehicle legal for use in off-road situations. The Dodge series of dump trucks and flatbed dump vehicles are extremely easy to operate and have a limited number of hydraulic controls. Beginners can quickly master the handling of the vehicles, which usually have only a one-ton or slightly larger capacity. The axle weight limits are clearly stated on each individual truck, and the tires used on the cab are the same as for general pickup truck use.

Diesel Powered Dodge Trucks
Some of the models available new or used have a Cummings diesel engine and automatic transmission. This is especially true of the 4 X 4 light duty dump trucks manufactured by Dodge in the last 15 years.

Nice Interior Amenities
The cabin of the Dodge dump trucks are as nicely outfitted as their pickup truck counterparts, Air conditioning, backup sensors, airbags for driver and passenger, advanced audio system and storage areas behind the seats is standard on most vehicles. The trucks built specifically for use with a dump bed or flatbed attachment have all necessary gauges installed as well as electrical control warnings for the bed itself.

Finding The Perfect Light Duty Dump Truck
Dodge is a preferred choice because of the ruggedness of the cab, the reliability and overall power of the engines and the smooth ride when a dump bed is attached. Buyers should look over the available models carefully and choose a vehicle that suits the needs of the operator. Hauling waste material from a construction site may require a one-ton bed, while transporting stacked items that are not fragile may be better suited to a flatbed attachment.

Remember too that some of the engines are gasoline powered while others run on diesel. And a check of the used inventory will show several changes in design over the years. A Dodge dump truck for sale may have a snowplow attachment, for example. This is not unusual since the snowplow is also operated by hydraulics and many of the trims available have auxiliary hydraulic controls, much the same way a skidsteer or front loader has several additional hydraulic ports for specialized attachments.

The Dodge name is a familiar one to those knowledgeable about light duty dump trucks. Whether for farm use or for waste removal at construction sites, the small-sized Dodge Ram or other series dump truck vehicles are dependable as well as fuel efficient.

Used Dodge Dump Trucks For Sale

Ram : 3500 ST Cab & Chassis 4-Door 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Dump Truck Bed Crew Cab Dually DRW SAVE THOUSANDS Ram : 3500 ST Cab & Chassis 4-Door 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Dump Truck Bed Crew Cab Dually DRW SAVE THOUSANDS US $42,444.00 9d 1h 49m
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