Chipper Dump Trucks: The Tool of Trade for Tree Service Companies

For the tree removal and tree service industries, the chipper dump truck is an invaluable tool. Typically built on Class 5-7 chassis, these trucks are specially designed to handle a blast of wood and debris coming from the mouth of a wood chipper or grinder. There are three important features of chipper dumps: the dump body itself, the toolboxes, and the hitch.

A chipper dump is essentially a dump truck with a roof welded on. Although this roof prevents the vehicle from being loaded from above, the small and large pieces of wood that come rocketing out of the chipper chute are contained inside the dump body. This is a major safety feature. Without the roof, wood chips would have the freedom to fly in all directions and possibly injure nearby staff or bystanders.

Another major feature of many chipper dumps is a backpack toolbox. Made in a U-shape, this large toolbox can hold a variety of items from chainsaws to lube oil. It is also a great place to store safety equipment such as goggles, chainsaw chaps, boots, and gloves.

The hitch is the last important feature of the chipper dump. This hitch allows the truck to tow equipment of all types—chippers, log splitters, stump grinders, excavators, and backhoes. With the proper equipment stored in the backpack toolbox and towed behind the vehicle, a chipper truck can turn into a one-man show.

Most chipper dump trucks are light duty trucks. Many are found on cabover chassis made by major truck companies including International, Isuzu, GMC, and Ford. Some of the larger models are built on trucks like the International 4400 and 4300, the Ford F-750, and the Freightliner M2. These trucks can be built to the specific needs of customers. Options such as four-wheel-drive, crew cabs, more powerful engines, and heavier-duty suspensions can be mounted on these trucks to give them an even greater range of use. In addition, chipper trucks can be made with bucket truck assemblies to ferry operators far up into the trees.

The chipper dump is a valuable tool for tree service workers. If you have the need to purchase a chipper dump, this is the website for you. A wide selection of chipper dump trucks for sale can be found here. From small chipper dumps mounted on large pickup truck chassis to larger medium-duty models, all can be found right where you are.

Used Chipper Dump Trucks For Sale

07 Isuzu Dump truck LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR NPR NQR NRR F550 F450 GOT JUNK chipper 07 Isuzu Dump truck LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR NPR NQR NRR F550 F450 GOT JUNK chipper Paypal US $29,950.00 19d 7h 46m
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