A 1 ton dump truck is the perfect vehicle for collecting waste material, transporting sand and gravel, hauling farm goods and even loading firewood. Most of these trucks are Chevy, Dodge, GMC or Ford. The cab is the same model used in the traditional pickup trucks, but the bed is longer and contains a gate at one end and a hydraulic lift mechanism at the other. Those interested in 1 ton dump trucks for sale can look over the various models listed and choose the engine size, cab amenities and overall vehicle dimensions that best suit their needs.

Powerful Enough For Heavy Loads
Even the light duty dump trucks that have a capacity of about 2,000lbs are generally powered by a V-8 engine. Some of the GMC models have the HEMI engine and over 300 horsepower available. The hydraulic systems on these vehicles is electronically controlled and there is a very simple mechanism for operating the container bed.

Heavy duty shock absorbers are often placed in both the front and rear to withstand the force of large loads. Stabilizer shafts are often placed in both the front and back of the vehicle to assist handling on sharp turns. These shafts are present even on some of the smaller models of dump trucks because it is assumed they will at times be driven on higher speed roadways.

A Large Number Of Custom Builds
Many of the familiar pickup truck models have variants built as 1 ton flatbed or box container dump trucks. These include Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Dodge 3500 series and Ford F-350. These pickup trucks generally come standard with an engine powerful enough to haul loads in excess of 2,000lbs and are favored by individuals wanting a flatbed or box truck capable of unloading sand or gravel, feed and seed, waste material and even recyclables. The trucks have a low tail which means unloading at the edge of a pit or waste collection center is not difficult.

When designed as a flatbed or box dump truck these light duty vehicles are nearly always fitted with the same standard amenities as their pickup truck cousins. The cabs usually have air conditioning, AM/FM radio, driver and passenger airbags, storage behind the seating, power steering and power brakes. Because of the smaller size of the vehicle compressed air brakes are usually not needed, however there are custom shocks, the differential and rear suspension may be an upgrade from the standard type found on the passenger models, and the dashboard layout may include a few extra gauges.

Operating A Smaller Dump Truck
Depending on the state requirements a commercial license may not be needed. This is especially the case if the vehicle is to be used primarily off-road. Loading the trucks can be done by hand or with a smaller sized front loader or skid steer. Some of the 1 ton dump truck models even have a plastic or other synthetic covering included with the purchase. Flatbed varieties often have side rails that are easily removable. The latter are popular with landscapers who transport small shrubbery as well as cedar bark, topsoil and fertilizer.

When a smaller dump truck is loaded the driver transports the material to the desired location and then activates the electronic control for the lift hydraulics. The rear gate is usually opened manually and the box truck bed rises to about a 40 degree angle.

Buyers interested in 1 ton dump trucks for sale can browse the listings on this site and look over the various engines, cab manufacturers and vehicle specs in detail.

Used 1 Ton Dump Trucks For Sale

Chevy Cheyenne 1 Ton Dump Truck Chevy Cheyenne 1 Ton Dump Truck US $3,999.00
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