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A number of automobile manufacturers offer chassis cabs that can be made into small dump trucks. These kinds of dump trucks are perfect for construction and landscaping businesses which might be just being started. Dump trucks this small are simpler to maneuver and therefore are easier for the pocketbook too.Bigger dump trucks for bigger businesses with larger loads are usually produced by organizations that only deal in commercial trucks. These dump trucks are a major investment for any company. The "load" on your budget can be lifted, though, by seeking a used dump truck. eBay Motors is a great location to begin searching for a used dump truck.

Just like with passenger cars, dump trucks lose a lot of value as soon as they're driven off of the lot. Several organizations start looking to upgrade to larger trucks relatively soon after they have bought a brand new truck, so you're possible to find a fairly new truck without having that new truck sheen and sticker cost. Dump trucks, and several other commercial trucks, are typically in high demand, so you will be likely to get an excellent price on your dump truck when you are ready to sell. Most dump trucks may also be easily turned into other types of commercial trucks.

For anyone who is trying to find a moving van or perhaps a wrecker, some types of dump trucks simply need the dump bed taken off the chassis to turn into practically any kind of truck you want. This might be an excellent option if you find a dump truck that's being sold cheaply due to a damaged dump bed or lift.

Dump Trucks for sale. Browse New Dump Trucks and Used Dump Trucks from our huge inventory of dumbp trucks for sale.

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2013 Doosan DA-30 6x6 Off-Road Articulated Dump Truck A/C Rear Tail Gate ADT 2013 Doosan DA-30 6x6 Off-Road Articulated Dump Truck A/C Rear Tail Gate ADT US $275,000.00 8d 14h 50m

Tips and Tricks for Buying Used Dump Trucks

Dump trucks live a hard life. That doesn't mean, however, that their useful life will have ended after the first owner decides to sell one. Used dump trucks are the ideal vehicle for businesses or individuals who are seeking a cost effective piece of equipment to enhance their business' capabilities while at the same time being mindful of their bottom line.


When shopping for used dump trucks for sale, it's important to hold off on your expectations. While it is possible for one to find a practically new dump truck for a bargain, those will be few and far between. Trucks that have been well-used but maintained are often the best bargain, and nearly-new trucks will almost always carry a price tag that reflects their pristine condition. The trucks that are to be avoided are those that appear too good to be true. In the same way that too good a deal on a car should be considered suspect, too good of a deal on a dump truck should be met with intense scrutiny.

Inspecting the Truck

When visiting the seller, having a qualified mechanic on hand will act as a second set of eyes should something be missed on an initial inspection. As with a car, open up the hood to inspect the engine, inspect the oil to be certain that proper maintenance has been conducted, and have the owner start up the engine. Listen to the engine while it warms up. Significant knocking or clatter in the engine could indicate serious problems that the owner may be hiding.

Actuate the hydraulic systems of the dump truck and watch carefully for leaks in the system at both its raised and lowered position. Serious hydraulic leaks or system failures may result in the dump bed straining to raise when empty, or its being unable to hold in the up position.

The tires on the truck will help to indicate the overall condition of the truck. If they are evenly worn across the tread, then the truck was likely well serviced throughout its life. Since dump trucks tend to be used for extremely heavy duty work, not all owners will be conscientious about maintaining the correct suspension geometry and having the truck aligned at regular service intervals. While this problem in itself can be easily remedied, it indicates a general lack of care to the other systems of the truck. Look for one side of the tire being more worn than the other and damage to the sidewalls.

Making an Offer

When you are ready to make an offer on the truck, take into account the asking price, and then make your own offer based on your perceived value of the vehicle. Take into account any new parts or accessories that the truck may include. The offer should not be so low that the owner will balk, but should be a fair meeting in the middle so that a good deal for both parties is reached. This is the best way to ensure that a used dump truck is exactly what you paid for.


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