Used 4X4 Trucks For Sale in Minneapolis

If you are in the market for a used 4x4 truck you need to do some research on which truck will best meet your needs. There are several makes and models of used 4x4 trucks for sale in Minneapolis. Rather than rushing into something that you may later regret you should read on to find some handy tips and tools for finding the used truck that’s right for your needs.

Interior Design

If you are looking for a truck that will mainly be used for your rough and tumble work needs then you may not want a truck that has all the “bells and whistles” as a truck like the Dodge Dakota Laramie edition has. Something more simple and able to take a dirty rear end sitting in the seat or dirty hands on the controls and steering wheel may be a better choice. In this case a truck like the GMC work truck would be the best choice. If GMC is not your brand then you could possibly consider the base model of any brand of used truck. Do your research to find which ones are considered the base models.


Hauling things is the reason you get a truck, right? If you are going to be using your truck bed to haul things then you need to remember that different trucks have different bed lengths. For instance the Dodge Dakota has a 6.6 foot bed while the full size Dodge Ram extended cab has only a 6.4 foot bed. Although this example is only a 2 inch difference there are trucks that give up a lot of bed space in order to allot more inside amenities.


Another thing to take into consideration when choosing which type of used 4x4 truck you want is the amount of passengers you are planning to haul. A family of four or five is not going to fit in a single cab truck. An extended cab may be too much for you if you don’t have others to haul around.


Some trucks come new with the optional towing package included. Others have had towing packages added aftermarket. Still other used trucks may not have a towing package installed at all. If you are planning to use your truck to haul trailers and such you may want to choose one that includes the towing package.

Engine and Transmission

The size of the engine will not only determine how much power you are going to have, it will determine your gas mileage. With gas prices being what they are today you may want to choose a truck that is more fuel efficient with a little less of an engine. This is especially important if you plan on driving long distances or are going to do a lot of driving in the city.

There are many used 4x4 trucks for sale in Minneapolis. Take some time, do some research and choose the right truck for your needs.

We will help you find a Used 4 by 4 Truck in Minneapolis for a great price. Why buy a new 4X4 when you plan on having guilt free "fun". Take your pick from the wide range of 4x4 trucks, this list will be continually updating as more used 4x4 trucks come available in Minneapolis.

Should you buy a used 4x4 pickup trucks online? There is no better place to find the perfect 4x4 Truck for a low price but still retaining all the features that you need to make life fun.

Below is a selection of 4 by 4 trucks currently available in Minneapolis. To find exactly what you are looking for please browse through whats listed below (we are constantly updating the listings below so return often) also you can return to a more general search back at our main page.

Used 4X4 Trucks For Sale in Minneapolis

Ford : F-150 XLT 4x4 Supercrew 2010 Ford F-150 XLT Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door 5.4L Ford : F-150 XLT 4x4 Supercrew 2010 Ford F-150 XLT Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door 5.4L Paypal US $28,000.00 2d 17h 13m
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