Used Ford 4X4 Trucks For Sale in Houston

The very first Ford truck, the Model T, was introduced in 1925. Ever since then Ford has remained the leader in trucks. If you're a Ford man there are lots of different options for you. Read on to get the best used Ford 4x4 trucks in Houston.


The tiniest on the Ford truck line is the Ranger. It was first brought to the world in 1983. After its release you can find a number of enhancements and body changes in order to keep up with the times. Standard bed size on this compact truck is 6 feet however an extended seven foot bed can be found for the XL and XLT models with the regular cab only. There are three different engines from which to choose for the newer used Rangers. The 2.3L engine is 4 cylinders. The additional two engines happen to be 6 cylinders and so are either 3.0L or 4.0L. The largest engine will tow up to 6,000 pounds. The interior of the Ranger might be plain although the controls are generally easy to reach and uncomplicated. The Ranger also comes in regular and extended cab models along with trim levels being the XL, XLT, Sport and FX4 offroad models. Rangers can be purchased in the 4WD model.

Explorer Sport Trac

The Explorer is referred to as as an SUV. The creation of the Sport Trac afforded men and women the opportunity to experience the SUV convenience of the Explorer along with the tough ability in the Ford truck. This specific truck has been available since 2001. There's two trim levels to the Sport Trac: the XLT and Limited. The standard engine is often a 4.0L V6 which has a 5 speed automatic transmission. An optional engine is the 4.6L V8. Each engines can be obtained with either 2 or 4WD. The bed is much smaller when compared to a standard full sized truck bed however offers certain features that enable it to be much more useful.


The full size Ford pickup trucks offer maximum power and towing capacity. There is a relatively limitless number of engine sizes as well as trim models for these trucks. As a matter of fact, all these trucks are generally the very best for almost thirty years. The bed sizes on the half ton F-150 come standard which has a 6.5 foot bed, long 8 foot bed or short bed at 5.5 feet. The ¾ ton F-250 delivers only 2 bed sizes: the regular 6.75 foot and long 8 foot beds. The F-250 continues with a lot of trim levels and choices galore. The F-350 is available with duallys and gives far more power for hauling things like huge horse trailers and big, big boats. F-350 is a one ton pickup which includes a big engine and a lot of power for those that are power hungry. The F-450 was made offered to the general public for individual purchase in 2008 and supplies a maximum towing capacity of 24,500 pounds and can haul 6,000 pounds in its bed. The F-450 is extremely powerful and extremely huge.

While searching for used Ford 4x4 trucks in Houston keep in mind you can find a countless number of options and trim models from which to select. Ford has been creating quality trucks since 1925 and has now been the leader in truck overall performance for pretty much 30 years.

Used Ford 4×4 Trucks For Sale in Houston

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