The First Luxury One Ton Luxury Dynamo

Trucks back in the days of the Beetles and Elvis were a hard working primitive species that had potential in terms of functionality and comfort, but those two elements were no where to be found on those 1960s workhorses. The Sierra 3500 4X4 is a grandchild of those early models. It's hard to tell exactly where its metal DNA originated, but most truck experts believe that the 3500 Sierra came from the 3500 Silverado, which was introduced in the 1970s. The Sierra may have looked like a Silverado back then, but later models took on a personality of their own.

One ton pickup trucks with an 8 foot bed were used commercially for years, but when the baby boomers hit their stride they wanted a luxury truck that could haul the goods and look like a superstar in the process. The Sierra did just that. With a towing capacity of 10,500 lbs when a 7.4 litre V8 with a four speed overdrive transmission was under the hood, the Sierra 3500 was in a league of its own.

But, it wasn’t just the towing and hauling that made it a generation folk hero, it was the luxury amenities that other truck models avoided due to cost and other issues. The 3500 4X4 was the first domestic luxury truck on the market, and savvy truck lovers jumped at the chance to own one. Long before Cadillac woke-up from its egotistical hangover, the Sierra 3500 was running down the roads and interstates carrying cargo in forward fashion style.

Plush Truck Interiors and Aerodynamic Exteriors Are Excellent Truck Characteristics

Every truck manufacturer is in the luxury market these days, but the Sierra 3500 4X4 still lives up to it reputation as a luxury truck with a working attitude. Ever since the 1980s, the Sierra 3500 has wooed truck buyers with quality and reliability, as well as performance. A used GMC Sierra 3500 4X4 is considered a worthy investment since parts for most years are still readily available, and they are easy to service and maintain. Some truck connoisseurs call the Sierra 3500 4x4 the road scholar of the trucking industry.


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Used GMC Sierra 3500 4×4 Trucks For Sale

GMC : Sierra 3500 Denali 4WD Lift Kit 2500HD Denali Diesel 6in Pro Comp 35in Toyo Tires Navigation 4x4 GMC : Sierra 3500 Denali 4WD Lift Kit 2500HD Denali Diesel 6in Pro Comp 35in Toyo Tires Navigation 4x4 Paypal US $72,991.00 5d 16h 34m
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