From the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company to GMC

It’s hard to believe, but GMC trucks have been around in some form since 1912. General Motors needed a truck division to compliment their cars so they approached Max Grabowsky founder of Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, and he became a partner when GM bought his company. Max founded his commercial truck company in 1901 and it quickly became a recognizable truck manufacturer. Max helped put the GM into the truck business.

General Motors bought the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909, and that same year GM flexed its financial muscles and bought Reliance Motor Car Company. In 1911 they decided to merge the two companies into one and they call that mixture the GMC truck division. In 1912 the GMC truck was introduced at the New York International Auto show and the response was much better than expected. GM produced over 22,000 trucks that year. Most of those trucks were made by Rapid Motor and Reliance. GM only made 372 trucks that year.

GMC Trucks become the Rock Stars of the Industry at the Beginning of the 20th century

In 1916 a new GMC truck made the trip from Seattle to New York in thirty days. In 1926 a the 2-ton GMC truck made a trip from New York to San Francisco in five days, and the US discovered a reliable way to transport goods across the country without using the railroad system. By the 1940s GMC truck were the workhorses of the military. Over 600,000 GMC trucks were sold and used by the government during the war. It’s not hard to imagine what happened next. 4X4 GMC trucks become the darling of the American farmer and a rock star for a new generation of truck drivers.

Today, a used GMC 4X4 truck is a solid performer in a very competitive truck arena. GM has kept up with the times and in some years been ahead of its time. A used GMC 4X4 is still a rock star in this new millennium. The truck has power, strength, reliability, and performance written into its metal genes so never it disappoints its loyal owners.


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Used GMC 4×4 Trucks For Sale

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